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Omni-Tek's Battle Dish and the Battle of Borealis

On this faithful day, Tarkhan Zora the CEO of Omni-Tek operations on Rubi-Ka alongside General Robert Rosuma; Head of Omni-AF, Jessica Lonare; Omni-Admin's lead in Borealis and Asst Head of Omni-AF Bahirae Serugiusu revealed Omni-Tek's latest weapon against the clan forces.

The Battle Dish was designed in conjunction with a high orbit technological device known as 'The Damocles Array' to gather, redirect and either pulse out a devastating notum infused-Sol Chironis Ion Beam from one of the Orbital Platforms or cast it out like a wide angle beam to take down attackers on a massive scale.

With the dish primed for readiness, Tarkhan Zora ordered the dish to target Tir and begin firing. One shot would have wiped Tir clean from the desert, leaving only flames and a shadow where it once stood. However the coolant tanks ruptured beneath the dish and the resulting explosion detonated the dish, killing Tarkhan Zora, Jessica Lonare and Robert Rosuma nigh on instantly.

At the time, unknown complications meant that their reclamation patterns were unusable and therefore regarded as permakilled as a result of the explosion.

With the dish still aflame, and the defensive forces in shock from the explosion, the then Deputy Omni-AF leader Bahirae was faced with an assault from Clan forces and that of the sinister Obsidian Army. Was this their attempt to crush the remaining Omni-Tek citizens who stood at the dish? Or simply a ruse by the Obsidian One to grasp control of Omni-Tek.