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Xeavier Humbold Dies

A brutal and unrelenting assault took place in Tir late this afternoon during which the Council of Truth was stormed by a group of individuals of varying origin. But all ultimately flying the proverbial Omni-Tek corporation flag.

Omni-Tek denies this to be a planned assault, but instead the work of individuals who took it upon themselves to orchestrate an attack on the Council HQ.

While the council itself was not in session, one Xeavier Humbold was inside doing administrative work with a few of his New Dawn Guards.

At the time of the incident, little was known as to why Bahirae had ordered the hit on the leader of the New Dawn, a previously peaceful leader who had wanted nothing other than to see the end of the conflict between the Clans and Omni-Tek.

All would soon be revealed as to why such a sinister and brazen act had been ordered...