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Demonstration leads to riots in Borealis

The Borealis Freedom Fighters display a large presence and support during an Omni-Pol communications security breach. The PA system was heard to broadcast anti-Omni-Tek messages while a peaceful demonstration was ongoing, urging the participants to fight against the Omni-Tek occupation. The resulting riots consume the city of Borealis until mechanised reinforcements assist in restoring the peace.

IRRK (Borealis) - A heated demonstration by the Borealis Freedom Fighters becomes a full-scale riot as Omni-Pol communications are reportedly hacked. Although the fighting eventually stopped, the situation in Borealis remains tense.

It was during the early evening that angry shouts started to issue from near the grid terminal. The usual slogans of the independance of Borealis campaign filled the air as a group of Borealis Freedom Fighters appeared amid a crowd of neutral supporters and angry OT employees.

While the demonstration continued outside a local store, a troop of Omni-Pol guards attempted to arrest the Freedom Fighters. As this happened, the Borealis PA system broadcast a message claiming that they had taken control of the communications systems and that now was the time to fight.

Fighting immediately broke out between neutral citizens and Omni-Tek, who were initially unable to call for backup. The conflict increased until the PA system came to life once again with a message from Omni-Pol requesting that everyone return to their homes. A number of heavily armoured Juggernauts entered the fray, dispersing some of the neutrals and Clans that had joined and forcing the Freedom Fighters back away from the whompahs. The remaining Freedom Fighters reportedly escaped into the grid, although the fighting continued long after even the Juggernauts were disabled by the rioting crowd.