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ICC Convoy attacked

A heavily armed ICC convoy is attacked and overrun during its usual run between Andromeda and Clondyke. Red Freedom is suspected of being responsible of the attack along with the implication that they may have used ship-cloaking technology.

IRRK (ICC) - During the night of February 4th, 29483, a heavily armed ICC convoy was attacked and destroyed by Red Freedom forces in Andromeda. There were no survivors according to the first responders.

At 01.33 AM RST, ICC Convoy 00425-4352, counting eight cargo transports and five escort crafts, was on a regular supply run from Andromeda to Clondyke when they came under attack from what appears to have been heavy artillery shells. The shelling took out the lead escort craft in the first wave, followed by heavy fire from automatic weapons from the side of the road.

At 01:34 AM, ICC HQ received distress signals from the convoy. They quickly dispatched an armed response group to aid the convoy, but when they arrived shortly after 2 AM, all that remained were burning wreckage and the bodies of the sixty men in the escort crafts. There was no trace of the cargo transports. The words 'Down with the Omni-Tek lapdogs' had been painted on one of the destroyed escort crafts.

Sources inside the ICC say the investigators estimate somewhere between 200 and 250 heavily armed commandos participated in the attack and the lack of any tracks leading out of the combat zone suggests that the attackers had access to large dropships, which Red Freedom have.

What is most concerning is that there were no signs of a dropship in the vicinity, suggesting the dropship was cloaked, a technology only used by military ships. If these rumours are true they represent a whole new range of possibilities for Red Freedom and other radical groups. Using cloaked ships would enable them to strike anywhere, at any time.

The ICC have refused to comment on these rumours or if any actions will be taken against Red Freedom.