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Omni-Reform office bombed

The Omni-1 offices of Omni-Reform are attacked with a powerful pressure bomb, causing two-hundred and ninety-three million credits worth of damage and massing over one-hundred fatal casualties.

OTPC (Omni-Trade) - Early in the morning of January 10th 29483, a powerful explosive device detonated within the Omni-Reform building in Omni-1's trade district, leading to massive structural destruction. It remains unknown who is responsible for the attack.

According to the current estimate, the damages amount up to 293 million credits. A large hole has been blasted open in the first five floors, suggesting that the device used was a high-yield pressure bomb flanked by armor piercing shells, resulting in massive collateral damage.

Emergency personnel have reported 108 confirmed dead, 192 wounded and 97 people still missing. Omni-Reform director, Eva Pourais is reported to be among the injured but Omni-Med has confirmed that her injuries are only superficial, as she was within her office when the bomb detonated.

Experts have stated that the limited damage to the building itself can be credited to the superiority of Omni-Tek construction materials and building designs.