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Newland Mayor comments on Borealis Freedom Fighters

The Newland City Council releases a statement from Mayor Zephrem Toog King, regarding the actions of the Borealis Freedom Fighters. The statement declares no support for the organization and their methods, labelling them "unspeakable crimes", but sympathises with their cause.

"Today I need to address the tragic incidents that occurred in the last weeks in Borealis. Most of you have heard about it or even witnessed it yourselves. However, let me inform you that the group that calls itself the Borealis Freedom Fighters has once again committed unspeakable crimes. Reports of bombs going off and snipers shooting indiscriminately at anyone who comes into their cross hairs have surfaced. While the Council does understand the motivation of the Borealis Freedom Fighters and sympathizes with their cause it cannot condone their actions.

Borealis is in a difficult and delicate situation which cannot be solved through bombs and bullets. Those actions will only make it worse for the population. Peaceful negotiation and protest are the keys to solve this problem and in creating a solution that is favorable for all.

Newland and its Council has never and will never support the Borealis Freedom Fighters. Should they come to Newland and search refuge they will only find the strong arm of the law presented by our militia. They will be dealt with the same way we deal with every other criminal or person who does not accept our laws and our independence.

However, this does not mean that we bow to the rules and laws set by others. It just means that we will, as always, dispense justice within our city walls. It does not matter if you are employed by Omni-Tek, supporting the Clans, a "Freedom Fighter" or a neutral citizen our laws and rules are the ones you have to follow in Newland.

Those are difficult times for all of us. One thing remains clear: Violence will only lead to more violence. This will not solve any problems, it just creates more. Thus I implore all of you to start thinking before you act and to talk instead of shooting it out.

Zephrem King
Mayor, Newland City"