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Mass grave discovered

41 bodies were recovered in and around the swamp area near 10-3. Initially discovered by a local Bronto farmer, the bodies appeared to be mainly neutral citizens and one Omni-Tek escort. Some bore a sign around their necks reading: 'Omni Collaborator', all seem to have been executed. Red Freedom involvement is suspected.

IRRK (Borealis) - A bronto farmer was walking near the 10-3 outpost when he discovered a partially covered corpse in a mud ditch near the main road. The deceased had been killed with a single shot to the head.

Omni-Pol was contacted and a crime-scene team was sent to the location. They discovered the remains of 41 people in and around the swamp area. Additional teams under the direct command of Special Investigator Malkavie Corvin were dispatched to the area, as several of the bodies had a sign around their necks, with two words written on it: 'Omni Collaborator'. Because of Mr. Corvin's involvement it is rumoured that Red Freedom is responsible.

Sources claim that the victims appear to be neutral citizens, as well as an Omni-Tek escort. Investigators say the scene bears signs that the group had been ambushed and then executed, all by a single shot to the back of the skull from a high calibre pistol. The same sources claim the bodies have been in the swamp for at least a month, which would mean that it happened around or shortly after the revelation of Knight Involvement with Red Freedom in early October.

When IRRK approached Mr. Corvin and asked him about the case, he refused to comment. Clearly he was not happy with our presence, or with the fact that he has been unable to produce any results in the investigation against Red Freedom. Regardless, it appears that the radical organization is on the move once again after their sudden silence. There is serious concern for the safety of whomever leaked the logs of their meeting with the Knights.