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Omni-Trans shuttle shot down - cargo stolen

An Omni-Trans transport shuttle is shot down by Red Freedom forces. Omni-Tek Armed Forces rescue the pilot and repel the clan attackers, but fail to secure the cargo, which is reported missing from the wreckage. The shuttle carried goods from Omni Prime. Corporation officials refuse to disclose any information about the cargo, citing "the contents are not a matter of public opinion".

IRRK (Borealis) - What was to be a routine mission turned into a nightmare for the pilot of an Omni-Tek transport from Omni Prime. Prior to landing the shuttle was struck by several light rockets which caused severe damage to the engines forcing the shuttle to crash into the Milkyway region.

According to the report after the ship had crashed the pilot managed get out of the wreck where he found himself surrounded by Red Freedom commandos who insulted and beat him until the arrival of Omni-Tek forces, who were forced to use heavy mech’s against the clan attackers. The skirmish lasted for over half an hour and led to the retreat of Red Freedom, but not before they had managed to secure the cargo which contained important supplies for Omni-Tek Armed Forces. What these supplies were is not known at this time.

There are unconfirmed rumors that Jaunay Curtis, one of Red Freedom’s commanding officers, executed some of her own men due to their apparent inability to defend the position. While she herself escaped to safety.

Omni-Trans liaison Timothy Hadrik has stated that he is very happy with the swift arrival of Omni-Tek forces to the area, which likely spared the pilots life, and that it should be a text book lesson as how to deal with Red Freedom in the future.

No one had expected Red Freedom to have the ability to shoot down an Omni-Tek transport. Doing such would require them to know when and where the transport was to arrive, something which can only be done if they had direct access to the Omni-Trans Mainframe.

Some sources have claimed that an attack earlier this month on an Omni-Tek base in Clondyke could have triggered this event, but this can not be confirmed as the entire base crew and the officials there were coldly executed in combat with clan forces. It may come as a surprise since we at IRRK have not heard anything of this raid, meaning that the truth behind it was hidden by someone in the top ranks of Omni-Tek.