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ID chips introduced on Rubi-Ka

Omni-Tek issues ID chips intended to be carried by employees at all times. Employees are subject to punishment if failing to show proper ID to Omni-Tek patrols.

Following the corporation's example, clan ID chips are quickly introduced and distributed by the Council of Truth members. The chips are met with enthusiasm by the clan population.

A batch of two hundred neutral ID chips are sent to Newland City's mayor Zephrem "Toog" King, who is told that carrying these chips is considered compulsory for all citizens claiming neutral status. The order is met with high suspicion from the local authorities.

Some claim the chips were designed to track and spy on all neutral citizens and many refuse to register for them. After negotiation, a compromise between Omni-Tek and the neutrals is reached. The Newland City Council are to manufacture their own identification chips and then distribute them among neutral citizens.

The requirement to be in possession of a chip at all times within Omni-Tek controlled areas remains.