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Phasefront opens franchise on Rubi-Ka

The well-known vehicle manufacturer Phasefront, opens a franchise on Rubi-Ka. A massive, floating showroom is installed on Newland Lake, and speculations run high concerning the business deal between Newland City Council and the corporation.

On the opening day, so many people queue up that the floating stage threatens to tip over; Order is quickly restored, however, and people are able to make purchases from the large selection. Soon, hoverbikes and hoverboards are seen zooming all across Rubi-Ka.

Phasefront, founded in 29451, is devoted to producing vehicles of high quality. From the beginning, the corporation produced specialized vehicles, retrofitting ships and personnel transporters with high quality customized upgrades. During this time the reputation of Phasefront increased on the interstellar market and the best engineers in vehicular technology were offered jobs in the creative design team. The "Wraith" hoverbike production model was available under military contracts in 29477, but all offensive weaponry was stripped before products were offered on Rubi-Ka.