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Increasing Dust Brigade activity

After many long months of diminishing activity, the terrorist organization Dust Brigade once more make themselves visible on Rubi-Ka. To the surprise of many, they seem to have put a rest on their continuous attacks on the large cities of Rubi-Ka and instead, started excavations of mysterious sites and artefacts.

Citizens of Rubi-Ka are surprised to discover a hidden cache in Perpetual Wastelands, fiercly protected by several Dust Brigade troopers. These well-known terrorists seem to have turned their interest towards an unconspicuous dig site, trying to uncover mysterious ruins and remains of technology. Reports from the few who have managed to break through their defenses speak of ancient but highly potent findings, some of which they could only catch a glimpse of.

So far, none are able to find more information of what the Dust Brigade has found, why they want it and how they plan to use it, but one suspicion is raised; the technology and remains of personal armor that pioneers have found carry many resemblances with Xan artefacts found in Shadowlands. Speculation fly high and both Omni-Tek and clan sources comment that extra intel resources have been put to learn more about the Dust Brigade activity. It seems the terrorists do the same, as every attempt of controlling the area for longer than a few minutes ends with the site and the major installations back in their hands.