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History opens up - courtesy of the yuttos

Many travelers discover that there is much about the history of Shadowlands to learn from the yuttos. Reports of several of these otherwise secluded, knowledgeable creatures wandering Shadowlands starts flooding the media.

For anyone who travels Shadowlands regularly, the sight of yuttos usually means a chance to strike a bargain. Creators of nifty technological gadgets and curators of history, these cloak wearing, staff toting creatures now seem to have loosened up a little in terms of what they say about what. Alongside scientists and researchers from Jobe, both Scheol and Adonis have been temporary home to a score of people trying to learn more about the history of the Xan, the mega-civilization that inhabited the world millennia ago. Oblivious to the ongoing conflict on Rubi-Ka, the yuttos offer stories and a helping hand for those who care to listen to what they have to say.