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ICC comments on use of Goliath class battlestations

A press release from ICC delegate Gerulf Riechstain was released to the public today. The clerk from Mr. Riechstain's office also informed media that they are planning to schedule meetings with both Omni-Tek Board of Directors and The Council of Truth in the near future.

Dear People of Rubi-Ka,

Since the deployment of the Goliath Battlestations in orbit around Rubi-Ka the ICC have kept a close eye on the situation.

The ICC have since the deployment received reports stating that the powerful weapons that were placed here under the condition that they are used against the Kyr'Ozch invasion, now are being the centre of a new conflict that causes devastation and turning away the focus from the threat that only a united Rubi-Ka can stand against.

These fully automatic battlestations are every day defending the planet against the invasion forces, but these attempts to control them alone and not only use them against the invading threat but also against each other as an offensive and powerful weapons makes them far from as effective as they can be.

We urge the people of Rubi-Ka to unite against the invading threat and continue to focus on securing the planet and the flood of Notum that not only the people of Rubi-Ka depends on but billions of people on other planets. So we urge both Omni-Tek and The Council of Truth to respect our all heritage, our common blood and not to fall for the temptation to use the Goliath Battlestations to destroy us all.

Gerulf Riechstain
ICC Spokesman Rubi-Ka