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Commander Portman escapes prison

Adrienne Portman, commander of the extremist clan Red Freedom, escapes imprisonment in the Andromeda area. Rumors immediately surface that the escape was orchestrated by several memberclans of the Council of Truth.

December 11, 29480 - [Global]

There have been rumors the past few weeks, about what has been going on, ever since the red armored commandos appeared in 20k. Just minutes ago, an Omni-Pol official made a statement on behalf of the Omni-Pol Director, Ivan Sergeyich.

The notorious Adrienne Portman has escaped from a hidden prison in the Andromeda area this past Saturday. A search mission, with the sole purpose of arresting Portman, ended in failure today, despite heavy support from the employees of Omni-Tek.

There are many details which are not known at this time. However, it has been pointed out that the Council of Truth, the governing body of the Clans, has been active in the attacks on various Omni-Tek installations and outposts the past few weeks. There are even rumors saying that the Clan called Red Freedom, formerly led by Portman, has been involved in several, if not all, major actions over the past few weeks.

Red Freedom was thought to have been wiped out, but it seems the reports of their demise has been greatly exaggerated.