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Goliath Battlestations picked up on ICC long range sensors

ICC long range sensors pick up the signals of two of its own ships, the ICCS Anthonius and the ICCS Kirkpatrick, accompanying four Goliath class battle stations. The stations are estimated to arrive in Rubi-Ka space orbit within three weeks.

November 24, 29480 - [Global]

IRRK - At 22:50 Rubi-Ka standard time on the 23rd November 29480, ICC Long-Range Scans picked up the signal of two ships and four spike like vessels in close proximity.

The vessels, the ICCS-Kirkpatrick and the ICCS-Anthonius have been in hyperspace since 29479 after Rubi-Kan authorities gave the order to have the Goliath's deployed.

Without the accompanying ships, the Goliath Battle stations, which are capable of doing 4.4 LS/U would have reached Rubi-Ka in around 29485. However, thanks to the Kirkpatrick and the Anthonius they've created a hyperspace slipstream in which the Goliaths can fit, coasting their engines at an amazing 26.4 LS/U. Thanks to this ingenious method of piggyback transport, the Goliath Battle stations will arrive in orbit of Rubi-Ka in little under three weeks.

The Goliath Battle station, a three-legged station has two modes. Travel mode, in which the 'legs' fold up and touch, protecting the central core and dorsal control centre before it enters hyperspace via the ventral engines. Battle mode, the 'legs' lock in place from the upright position and torpedo bays, batteries and cannons along with the highly classified Nano-phasing Reflect shield generator go to standby.

When the stations arrive in Travel mode, it will take a fair amount of time to get all four stations into Battle mode and primed. Unfortunately, since the ICC has never simultaneously gone through the activation sequence of four stations, which requires careful manoeuvring thruster co-ordination so as not to move the stations out of orbit, it may take longer than expected.

We were however able to get a deep space transmission to Trigan IX ICC Military Shipyards, the origin of the battle stations and discuss the technology. While a significant amount of the information on the vessels is classified, we were able to get the following questions answered:

IRRK: So, what sort of defensive capabilities are we looking at on these Goliath Class Battle stations?

Trigan IX Rep: The outer armour of the battle station is a twenty-inch heavy metaplast alloy, otherwise known as HMA. This is a development on the existing metaplast body armour, to the point that the multiple layers we've integrated are fused together on a molecular scale. Alongside that, we've got the Nano-Phasing Reflect Shield Generators, a total of four in each Goliath, one for each arm and one for the central core.

Atop those, we have twenty six mounted anti-aircraft plasma guns, capable of 1200 rounds per minute. Ithaca Shock Cannons and MTI Shatterpacks to defend against incoming missiles and to scramble sensors respectively.

IRRK: Now, the part that everyone's been waiting for, offensive capabilities?

Trigan IX Rep: *laughs* There's Four Omnidirectional Laser Arrays, a six-barrel three-sixty degree pulse battery. Six Gripon Torpedo Bays capable of launching multiple yield warheads of generic or specific standard, four Arwen Double Axis Missile Batteries. Then finally, mounted between the hyperspace drive, straight down through the central core is the SBC Sol Chrionis Orbital Ion Cannon.

IRRK: How long do you think it might take for you to install the stations themselves above Rubi-Ka?

Trigan IX Rep: Standard Deployment of a station can take about eight hours, but since it requires the associated ships to remotely fire the thrusters to lower the arms it may take a little while longer as they move through each station itself.

IRRK: A few days then?

Trigan IX Rep: No more than two, I'd say. Then once the relevant parties set up a transport up to the stations, be it a digital grid-stream, whompah link or shuttle then it'll be well underway.

IRRK: Thank you very much for answering the questions we've had, goodbye!

Trigan IX Rep: Goodbye!