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Omni-AF attacks clan held mine in 4 Holes

Omni Armed Forces carries out a successful operation against one the clan captured mining facilities in 4 Holes.

November 21, 29480 - [Global]

The operation was carried out with a moderate amount of forces. They met some minor resistance which didn't managed to threaten the objective, and only caused a few casualties. Before leaving the facility an explosive expert planted an explosive charge inside the mine and later remotely detonated it from safe distance.

According to official Omni-Tek sources, "The operation was carried out to stop mining operations in the area and prevent the occupying forces from stealing more Omni-Tek property." The same official stated that "notum worth approximately 15 billion credits was destroyed together with mining equipment for approximately 40 million credits."

The explosion did not permanently destroy the mine but disabled its use for a time ahead and skilled Omni personnel should be able to fix the damage done once the facilities in 4 Holes are back into corporation control.

The attack will be big set back for the occupying forces and will also prevent them from funding weapons and equipment for future hostile attacks on Omni-Tek and its employees