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Omni-Pol elites attack clan and neutral citizens

A group of elite commandos from Omni-Pol's 6th Directive brutally attacks clan and neutral citizens in Borealis. Using an unknown device, the two operatives simulated the same power signature as a city controller emitt and successfully called an alien ground attack to the streets of the city.

25th September, 29480

Three days ago, Borealis came under assault from two agents of the 6th Directive. Also known as D6. This was a brutal attack on Clan and Neutral citizens, which resulted in the death of over thirty individuals.

The attack started little after 10pm Rubi-Kan Standard Time in-between the Fair Trade and Gridpoint. Agents Vidyaraja and Iviin attacked Clan citizens who were refusing to leave the current Omni-Pol occupied city. Neutral citizens who aided said Clanners were also shot at, some even killed.

The Clan and Neutral forces began to increase in number to the point that the two members of Directive 6 set off an EM Charge. Later investigation of the sensor logs in Borealis confirms that the frequency matched that emitted by a fully charged City Controller, except amplified by several hundred times.

As most are no doubt aware, a fully charged City Controller often emits enough of a power signature for Aliens to attack, because of the sudden EM surge in Borealis, this called forth an attack within seconds. The D6 agents escaped during the fight, at this time there is a general warning out to all Neutral Citizens to avoid D6 Operatives at all costs.