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Tarkhan Zora assures Ross shooting is under investigation

In a last address to the population of Rubi-Ka before he makes planet fall, Tarkhan Zora encourages the company employees to stand firm against the clans, and at the same time assures that the corporation is doing all it can to investigate the shooting of Philip Ross.

From the office of Tarkhan Zora
For immediate release · all authorized Gridfeed channels

Loyal Employees,

I will shortly be arriving on Rubi-Ka and had hoped to personally deal with these issues however I wanted to assure everyone that we continue to investigate the assassination attempt on Philip Ross and rest assured we will find the culprits.

Omni-Tek is not in the business of drawing any premature conclusions and quite contrary to the opinion of certain Clan leaders no accusations against them have come from this office. We are simply exploring all avenues of investigation. I will take the earliest opportunity to meet with the Clan leadership face to face and express my concern at their apparent willingness to escalate the tensions on Rubi-Ka.

As a gesture of good will we have authorized Omni-Med to seek the co-operation of all employees in investigating the possibility that the facility in the Longest Road known as Biomare may be linked to the attack on Mr. Ross. It is well known that this facility is no longer considered to be part of Omni-Tek·s operations on Rubi-Ka and I have instructed all Omni departments to treat those remaining in the facility at this point as criminals and traitors to the company.

I place my trust in you, the loyal employees of Rubi-Ka, so that the Clans will not succeed in their attempts to cast doubt on the good name of Omni-Tek. I can assure any who ask that Tarkhan Zora expects loyalty and obedience from all employees. Those that choose to operate outside of our rules and regulations as those responsible for this facility seem to be doing can expect to feel the full force of Omni-Tek law regardless of the fact they were once under our employ.

In the meantime we will of course continue all other avenues of investigation, the declared faction of any suspect is irrelevant. Criminals are criminals and will be dealt with accordingly. Those who have broken no laws have nothing to fear from me.

Tarkhan Zora
Acting CEO Omni-Tek Corporation (Rubi-Ka)