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Pilgrims plot a new path

The legacy clan Pilgrims announce their intention to abandon the Council of Truth and indeed populated areas of the planet on a whole to return to their original purpose, dedicating themselves to the exploration and search of knowledge of Rubi-Ka. Several caravans of Pilgrim members are seen filing out of the major cities in the following days, returning to the nomadic life the clan has led for decades.

August 15, 29480 - [Global]

Always an enigma, the Pilgrims clan today announced that they were abandoning the Council of Truth and indeed Rubi-Ka society as a whole. In a shock move followers were informed yesterday that the clan·s leadership had agreed to a plan that will see all their members move permanently into the Outzones.

The Pilgrims have long held that there are greater mysteries on Rubi-Ka then have yet been discovered, and now seem set to try and prove their theories with extended exploration in the non-terraformed areas of the Planet.

Pilgrims leader Kreista Tobarl apparently addressed the clan in a personally recorded message that explained the move, and our sources understand she quoted the ·ongoing disillusionment with the political and military process on Rubi-Ka· as the primary reason for this drastic action, and also indicated that the Pilgrims would cut all official links with clan infrastructure and advised that they no longer considered themselves to be a ·clan·.

·We are children of the cosmos,· explained one prominent Pilgrims representative, ·the factions and stigmas that have been forced upon us by society no longer mean anything to us. We will be one with the planet as has always been our destiny.·

Sources indicate that Pilgrim members have already started to depart the major cities and unconfirmed reports suggest that at least three large caravans of Pilgrim transports have already been sighted leaving populated terra-formed territory.