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Omni-Tek reacts to the 4 Holes incident

Omni-Tek releases an operational directive for their employees. The directive grants corporate employees to engage the Unionist forces in 4 Holes at will.

Directive: AZ-999/01a
June 14, 29480 - [Global]

The corporation hereby grants all employees license to engage Unionist forces in 4 Holes. All combat trained employees can now follow full ·open hostility· rules of engagement against Unionist forces found in illegal occupation of corporate assets.

In addition, for the purposes of this directive, any opposing forces found supporting the Unionist offensive may be treated as hostile combatants.

Key Unionist personnel have been identified as priority targets, in particular those involved in the supervision of the illegal removal of company property, namely the Unionist Foremen that are overseeing the mining operations. These individuals will undoubtedly be guarded but we call on all employees to aid our security forces in liberating the facilities in 4 Holes.