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Omni-Tek rearranges their Borealis troops

Omni-Tek state that although their deployment of military forces to Borealis was in full compliance with ICC regulations, they will not react with hostility towards members of the clans who visit the city unless fired upon. The heaviest Unicorn forces are moved to the satellite communications disk in the hills outside central Borealis. This move greatly suggests that the protesters made a point with the giant corporation, but this is never confirmed from Omni-Tek Admin.

From the desk of Omni-Admin Administrator Jessica Lonare
June 14, 29480 - [Global]

Loyal Employees and citizens of Rubi-Ka

In light of continued and malicious accusations of wrong doing against the corporation we would like to clarify that our deployment of forces to the Borealis area was done in full compliance with ICC regulations and with the co-operation of ICC forces. The hand over of protective services was peaceful and orderly and our presence in Borealis is purely for the protection of the vital communications installations.

It saddens us greatly to see the clans try and gain political advantage from our legal actions when there are those within their own ranks flagrantly breaking the law and illegally seizing equipment and installations that are vital to the defence of the planet.

We are aware of the concerns of those non-employees who are not registered members of the clans and at no time have our security forces fired first at the ordinary citizens of Borealis. The security situation will remain under review and we will begin consultations with local government to ensure that they can focus their energies on our true enemies, those who would threaten the security of the planet through illegal force of arms.

We urge the Clan leaders to re-exert control over their rebel factions as we cannot negotiate under the threat of terrorist action and illegal occupation of corporate assets.