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Vanguards to protect West Athen

Vanguard forces extends their security cordon out beyond the walls of Old Athen to include the streets of West Athen. It would appear that the move was made at the request of local business leaders; however the timing of the decision may not have been unrelated to the recent events in 4 Holes and Borealis.

Voice of Freedom · Vanguard move into West Athens
May 30, 29480 - [Global]

Vanguard spokesman Ramon Bauer was quick to quell any rumours that this was anything other then a business deal.

·This deal was struck after the citizens of West Athens made a personal request to our leader Alan Jacobi to extend the protective services we provide in Athen itself to the enclave of West Athen. After agreeing terms and signing all the relevant contracts our security forces moved into the area and have begun to provide security as per the terms of those contracts.

We are of course aware that current events mean any military expansion of individual clans may be seen in a different light then it might have done even a week ago, but we would like to assure all the clans that this was a contractual obligation that was signed some weeks ago, and we pride ourselves on never failing to fulfil a contract so did not deem it necessary to postpone our deployment in West Athen.·

Local citizens seemed to welcome the move several local businesses have issued grid-feed releases in support the Vanguard presence in the streets of West Athens. ·If anything·, one anonymous chatter posted on a local grid channel, ·with everything going on the last few days it·s quite a relief to see increased security on our streets. If the Unicorns come knocking here like they have in Borealis I·ll be glad to have some Vanguard forces here to meet them!·