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Tarkhan Zora appointed interrim CEO of OTRK

With Phillip Ross still in a coma after the attack in Omni-One, and with no sign of any improvement in his condition, Omni-Tek announce the appointment of an interim CEO. Tarkhan Zora, the Unicorn liason to the Omni-Prime board of directors will assume control of the companies assests on Rubi-Ka whilst Ross is incapacitated.

From The Offices of Omni-HQ
Omni-Tek Press Release

For immediate distribution to all authorised grid channels

Subject: Acting CEO assigned to administer Rubi-Ka holdings

Due to the on-going illness being suffered by Omni-Tek CEO on Rubi-Ka, Philip Ross, the Omni-Tek board of Directors has today issued an order that takes immediate effect, placing Tarkhan Zora in senior command of the company·s interests on Rubi-Ka.

Given the situation on Rubi-Ka the board considered Zora·s background and experience to be vital to making the tough decisions necessary to protect the companies interests in these troubled times.

Tarkhan Zora has been the Unicorn security advisor to the Omni-Prime board of Directors for the past two years and has served on Rubi-Ka on several occasions during his lengthy and distinguished career.

Tarkhan Zora will assume immediate command of all Omni-Tek departments. There will be no changes to the serving Rubi-Ka board and all department heads will continue in their duties in order to minimise the upheaval during these very difficult days.

Zora has also been given two additional mandates that also take immediate effect. Firstly as an experienced Unicorn commander Omni Prime would like to reassure citizens that riding Rubi-Ka of the Alien threat will be the new CEOs primary objective during his interim tenure.

Secondly the board are authorising the use of Marshal law directives A32X1 to A32X7c so that Unicorn agents can also be deployed to join the existing Omni-Pol investigation in order to track down and prosecute those responsible for the assassination attempt on Mr Ross.