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Philip Ross shot during speech in Omni-Ent

Omni-Tek CEO Philip Ross is shot by an unknown assailant whilst making a speech in Omni-Entertainment. He is rushed to Omni-Med facilities in a critical condition. Omni-Pol begin immediate investigations into the events.

May 7 29479

OTPC · Omni-Tek CEO Philip Ross, while giving his highly anticipated speech on the state of the corporation, was shot by a sniper in Omni-1 Entertainment district.

It was shortly after 19:00 Saturday when the twin suns began to rise over Omni-1, that Omni-Pol raised security patrols, and word began to leak that Philip Ross would be making a public appearance. Eva Pouaris (Director of Omni-Reform) gave word to organization leaders that the speech was taking place.

Employees flocked to the site and waited for Mr. Ross to appear. Around 19:30, a large Omni-Tek gunship landed on the Entertainment platform, delivering Ross, Eva Pourais, Ivan Sergeyich (Director of Omni-Pol) and Rita Prestin (Director of Omni-Med). The moved to the edge of the platform, waving to the gathered crowd, and within moments Mr. Ross stepped up the podium and began his speech.

Half way through his speech the sound of a weapon firing echoed through the city, as Mr. Ross took a hit directly in the chest (as was reported by witnesses and Omni-Med) and fell to the ground. Panic and fear gripped the Omni citizens, and department leaders as several rushed the platform to try and assist Mr. Ross, while others took to the air in Yalms to search for the Assassin.

With help from the Department leaders and many employees, Ross was taken back to the gunship and flown to an Omni-Med facility in Rome Green for treatment. Rita Prestin is personally handling his treatment, and in a statement delivered from outside the facility said, ·Philip Ross is alive, in critical condition·.

She also addressed some questions regarding insurance patterns for the CEO. ·As most of you may know, he has always been against the insure technology for himself. As well there is the issue of his age. Having turned 75 this year, he may be too old for the insurance even if he did in fact have it.·

Omni-Com, who in fact keeps all records of Insurance on Rubi-Ka, could not be reached for comment. For now all we can do is wait and hope for the swift recovery of our CEO.

OTPC will follow this story closely.