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Omni-Tek releases security instruction for the Outzones

Omni-Tek issue a security instruction that allows freelance operators to help fight the alien threat in the Outzone. The Unicorn company established a base in one of the old outzone mining facilities and have requested citizens help in fighting the alien threat.

February 9 29479

(OTPC) - Omni-Tek Security Instruction 657///a45#2


All citizens of Rubi-Ka should be aware that under instruction from Omni Prime and the supervising Unicorn command on Rubi-Ka permission is hereby granted for all veteran fighters with experience of facing the alien threat to operate on a freelance basis under Unicorn authority in the outzone.

Increased volume of alien activity has been confirmed in the outzone and the Unicorn Company has established a base of operations in an old abandoned Omni-Tek facility previously known as Mining Staging Area Alpha-44.

All interested citizens should report to the Unicorn security administrator on site for further instructions.

**Additional Policy Addendums**

Police Action / Marshall Law sub-directive 12///b

This mandate is open to all factions, and Omni-Tek is graciously granting full immunity from normal security protocols for those Clan members arriving at the mining base to serve as freelance operatives for the Unicorn Company.

Omni Prime would like to assure all loyal citizens that this immunity applies only to the directed area due to the extreme nature of the threat, and that rebel sympathising clan members will still be subject to Omni-Tek police actions in all standard terraformed areas of Rubi-Ka.

Transport Requisition sub-directive 564///c1

Unicorn Transport frigates will be arriving at a temporary landing area in Andromeda and departing every ten minutes to take those seeking freelance contracts to the Unicorn base.

Please note this is an exception under standard military override protocols to previously issued sub-directive 564///c barring sub orbital flight over the outzone areas.