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Clan journalist suspects Outzone conspiracy

Clan journalists question whether there is an Omni-Tek conspiracy towards events happening in and around the outzone areas.

February 1 29479

(FJRK) - There are important questions for all citizens of Rubi-Ka that are not being answered
We here at the Free Journalists of Rubi-Ka are receiving more and more reports that pose very serious questions for the general safety of clan citizens.

What is the meaning of recently intercepted Alien transmissions apparently sent from the outzone? Why have several citizens linked to old outzone mining projects mysteriously disappeared? Who is the Unicorn Company reporting to and where are all their extra resources actually going?

Misinformation and secrecy are hardly new traits for the bureaucrats at Omni Tek but when the safety of the entire planet is at stake silence and subterfuge are hardly the most welcome of tactics.

It is time for Omni Tek to disclose security information both new and long hidden from the public in respect of whatever it is that lies in the outzone. History tells us this is not the first occasion when there have been unexplained happenings in the outzone. and is about time that the ICC intervened and forced Omni Tek to allow our leadership access to all information that might help in the defence of all the cities of Rubi-Ka, and not just Omni Tek holdings.

Knights of Avalon Spokesperson Sir Tristram Solis was less the circumspect when questioned on the possible meaning of recent Alien and Unicorn activity:

·The continued presence of elite Unicorn troops on Rubi-Ka, which apparently do not report to the planetary government and only to Omni Prime, is belligerent and The Knights of Avalon view this as a hostile act on behalf of Omni Prime. It is indicative of their attitude to this invasion.·

·It is clear·· Solis continued, ·...that they would be quite happy for these aliens to destroy us leaving them free to retake the entire planet. Until such time as there is co-operation on planetary security and clan forces are given the opportunity to repel the invasion force on an equal footing then we will continue to oppose the Unicorn presence on Rubi-Ka·

Whatever the situation in the outzone it is clear that there are questions to be answered · are you listening Omni Tek?