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Former Omni-Tek employees missing in the Outzones

The Independent reporters of Rubi-Ka report that several former Omni-tek employees that used to work in outzone mining facilities have gone missing.

Janurary 20 29479

(IRRK) - Information has come to light over the last few days that a dozen ex-Omni-Tek employees who had retired to Neutral territories have gone missing.

All of the employees used to be miners that worked in the outzone mining camps that Omni-Tek is known to have briefly tried to develop in the 29460s. However, the outzone areas were deemed to dangerous to develop at the time after a rash of deaths amongst employees and contractors caused project costs to rise.

All of the neutral citizens that are confirmed as missing this week worked in or around one of these mining projects throughout 29461 and 29462.

Further investigation of this strange coincidence revealed that all official records of the outzone camps have been removed or marked as confidential within the standard Omni-Tek channels. One prominent neutral historian who did not want to be named was adamant when we spoke to him yesterday that until recently the archives had been present. ··I had no reason to be overly interested in the old mining records for the outzone project, but they were most certainly in the catalogues of available data until very recently··

There were no reported mysterious circumstances reported around any of the disappearances. The citizens just seem to have vanished, their grid-mail going unanswered and in some cases their apartments locked from the inside.

When approached about the subject, Omni-Tek would not make an official comment, instead quoting standard Omni policy, "Previous employment records were not a subject for public debate or discussion".

They did however confirm that no arrests had been made in neutral territories, in relation to the missing individuals