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Alien broadcasts being sent from planet surface

Reports start to filter in about mysterious alien transmissions that are coming from the planet's surface itself.

Janurary 09 29479

(FJRK) -- In an alarming development Clan listening stations intercepted a series of mysterious broadcasts. These communication signals appeared to share all the recognisable signs of being made by the alien forces currently laying siege to Rubi-Ka.

Whilst interception of such transmissions is now not uncommon as clan intelligence services have improved their ability to track alien activity ten fold in the last month these particular signals have raised concerns amongst senior clan officials as triangulation analysis suggested that the signals originated on the planets surface and were being beamed into space.

All previous intercepts have been communication between the invasion fleet and landing craft. Whilst no success has been had in decoding any of the alien signals no transmission from a landing craft to the orbital fleet has ever been detected before, even during known assaults on the surface.

To add further confusion to the situation the source of the transmission seems to have been far beyond any population centre on the planet. No senior clan officials were available to comment although it is believed that the Sentinels have requested copies of the intercepts for their own communication experts to analyse