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Unicorns increase their activity on Rubi-Ka

Rumours start to circulate about the escalation of Unicorn Company activity on Rubi-Ka.

Janurary 8 29479

(IRRK) -- The IRRK has received reports over the last few days that seem to point to a marked increase in Unicorn Company activity on Rubi-Ka.

Whilst it is no secret that the Unicorn forces have been drafted to Rubi-Ka to assist in the defence of the planet against the alien threat, confirmation of their exact numbers and strength on Rubi-Ka have not been forth coming from Omni Tek.

Independent reports received in the last few days though are pointing towards a sizeable build up of Unicorn forces on the planets surface itself. We have managed to obtain leaked cargo manifests from several transport vessels recently commandeered by the Unicorn officers that suggest some kind of base has recently been constructed on the planets surface itself.

In addition several large troop transports were tracked by the observation facilities in Borealis heading out of standard airspace. Whether these vessels were using cloaking technology to evade further detection or headed out of orbit is unknown, but it would seem strange for large units of Omni-Tek forces to be leaving the planet under current circumstances.

The location of any possible fortified base remains a mystery however, but rumours circulating amongst neutral intelligence sources have suggested that this base may even be outside the approved terraformed areas of the planet. It is know that some regions on the fringes of current populated areas are suitable for inhabitation due to limited environmental engineering carried out by Omni Tek in recent years during several abortive attempts to increase the size of the terraformed regions of the planet.

Speculation has been mounting that the Unicorn forces may be engaged in some form of ground war against alien forces, perhaps if the Unicorn company has built a base on Rubi-Ka the invading forces have already found it, perhaps the Unicorn Company has discovered an alien foothold on Rubi-Ka?

Whilst these questions remain unanswered one thing is certain, the alien conflict shows no sign of ending.