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Philip Ross returns to Rubi-Ka

The return of Philip Ross to Rubi-Ka in strange circumstances leads to much speculation about who controls Omni Tek interests on Rubi-Ka during the invasion. Is Ross still in charge or have Omni Prime taken over control directly?

November 26th, 29478

In an almost unbelievable series of events, Philip Ross has wound his way back to Omni-Tek on Rubi-Ka, ending his several month long disappearance. Accounts from all over Rubi-Ka piece together an intruguing story of action and thrill, worthy of a grand, best-selling work of fiction. There is no doubt in this reporter's eyes that the tale of Ross' return will become legendary prose. But you'll read the full, true story here first, as only an investigative journalist can tell it.

It all started with a shuttle crash east of Omni-2, known by the occupying Clanners as Old Athen. Alien fighters intercepted Ross' craft, which somehow broke through the alien blockade, and managed to shoot it down in the wastelands just outside of a newly-constructed city. Several of Ross' collegues were reportedly killed in the crash, though Ross and one bodyguard, as well as most of a legion of Omni-Prime troopers survived the crash and helped Clanners, led by a rescue Clan team, fight off an alien attack squad. Ross and his entourage managed to disguise themselves as ICC personnel and, with the help of the unknowing Clanners, made his way to the safety of ICC to hide out for a few days and plan his return.

Days later, Ross emerged in ICC Headquarters with his bodyguard, both disguised as ICC diplomats, and made his way through neutral areas to gather a group of people capable of defending him from assassins that were rumored to be stalking him. Telling most of the people we spoke with that he was an ICC Envoy who had to meet with Omni-Tek administration about leasing issues, he managed to evade recognition and convince these Neutral citizens, along with some Omni-Tek Employees who were also in the area, to help him get to Omni-1.

As they entered Omni-1 Trade from ICC Headquarters, Ross' intelligence proved correct, and a single shade assassin appeared in front of him and began to shout various obscenities, apparantly to distract the crowd and Ross as a group of shades crept up behind everyone to make their attempt at Ross' life. These assassins, however, were spotted before they had their chance and the citizens escorting the disguised Ross managed to take them out with ease. This upset the so-called leader of the group, who had been raving the whole time, and she revealed the true identity of the ICC Envoy as Philip Ross. Ross aknowledged this truth and announced his speech, which was made just moments ago, as one that would be held in a place where "all could gather." Ross proceeded through Omni-1 to meet up with a liaison sent from Omni-Prime, who escorted him back to his office.

Ross' return eventually led up today's speech, announced just minutes before it began, and held in a place where, truly, all could gather: ICC Headquarters. Many attended, from all sides of the conflict, and the headcount numbered in the hundreds. Some came to support Ross, while others came to heckle and boo, but there was one clear message Ross presented, seemingly at the insistence of his Omni-Pol liaison who was breathing down his neck. The theme of Ross' speech was unity between all peoples of Rubi-Ka to fight off the alien threat, which Ross said would be necessary to ensure that the invading force of aliens don't completely take over Rubi-Ka and wipe us out in our entirety. Some were agreeable to this, while others fought it harshly. There were very few, however, who were neutral to the idea. Even the Neutrals, themselves, were very vocal.

Will Ross' speech have any effect on the land control wars? That remains to be seen. Recent statistics show that land control wars are already down drastically since the invasion forces arrived, and if Ross' speech has any effect, territory conflicts will come to a veritable halt while aliens are dealt with. Still, some extremists are bound to continue their efforts and minor fluctuations in land control are expected to continue.

Another issue to address is the Omni-Prime presence on Rubi-Ka. Are they truly our friends? Is Mr. Ross under their control? Ross' Omni-Prime companion seemed very insistant on having him say certain things, even interrupting him at one point and apparantly have him move on to the next topic. Nobody can say what role Omni-Prime had in Ross' speech, or will have in the future operations of Omni-Tek on Rubi-Ka, but suspicion seems to be mounting on all sides in the midst of the alien attacks. Only time will tell what the future holds.