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Omni-Tek announces martial law

Due to the continued alien activity Omni Tek announce that they are declaring all their assests on Rubi-Ka to be under martial law.

Omni-Admin, OTRK
November 26th, 29478

As of this date, Omni-Tek interests in Rubi-Ka are under martial law. Martial law has been imposed for various reasons, not the least of which are the attacks on Omni-Tek interests on Rubi-Ka, as well as other cities coming under siege by the alien threat. These attacks have both the direct consequence of putting our cities and interests under immediate threat of invasion by these hostile forces, as well as opening us up for attack by opportunistic groups of people on Rubi-Ka. In that light, Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka has petitioned Omni-Armed Forces for a batallion of elite troopers to protect both of our major cities: Rome and Omni-1.

Both of these glorious cities have recently been besieged by the alien invaders, as many employees no doubt have seen. Where they have been known in the past as safe havens, free of outside threat, where hostile forces surived not nearly long enough to disrupt operations, they are now apparantly vulnerable to alien infiltration. We at OTRK are working hard to better secure our transportation systems and upgrade our defense, the latter calling for more potent forces to both protect us from hostilities and to enforce the laws and regulations that have long stood under the juristiction of Omni-Pol.

Furthermore, Omni-Admin would like to extend an open invitation to all Neutral citizens looking for more adequate safety and protection from these unbiased invasions within the walls of our grand cities, Rome and Omni-1. Our defenses will not harm you, nor will our employees harass you. You are welcome here, and you may consider our homes your own. During your visits to Rome and Omni-1, however, we encourage you to take in to consideration the significance of this gesture and, should you feel the need for more perminant protection, find an application to join our organization and recieve the full benefits of doing so.