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CoT attacked by anonymous group of shades

The Council of Truth is attacked by mysterious Shades during one of their regular sessions.

The leader of the Vanguards, Alan Jacobi, has released a general statement on Sunday, in reference to the attack by fanatical neutral shades on the Council of Truth in Tir Saturday.

"The Vanguard organization condems the attacks on the Council of Truth. The clans should not have to bear the burden of the fears of terror, and so we shall not allow ourselves to act rashly on their behalf. Athen will, as it always has, remain open to neutral customers; we shall not punish the entire class for the actions of a few bullies."

The take-over, which happened about half-way through one of the Council's regular monthly meetings, was launched by an organized force of at least four neutral shades, possibly professional assassins. The meeting was running a week after the regularly scheduled date, as it was postponed last weekend in observence of an archaic Earth holiday, as well as the seemingly annual onslaught of strange happens that coincide with said holiday. For this reason, many sources speculate that the attack was a barely-planned, spur-of-the-moment move on the part of the neutral forces. The Tower's security system was taken over by an unknown person or persons, and all doors within were locked, trapping the Council members inside.

The entire attack came to an end when fighting broke out amongst the terrorists and the Council of Truth representatives. Fixers reportedly evacuated those who were unfit for combat from Truth Tower. Those left inside fought valiantly with the terrorists inside, all of which were eventually killed after a few Clan casualties. The terrorists had claimed that the insurance policies of those in Truth Tower had been hacked and nullified, however those who were slain by the terrorists were able to confirm that these threats were untrue. Lastly, Alan Jacobi regained control of the security system after reportedly being rendered unconcious and thrown in to a storage area on his way out, and awakening at a later point in incident.

While many Clanners are pointing fingers at the whole of the neutral population, New Dawn's Council of Truth representative, Xeavier Humbold feels that such hasty decisions are "...unwarrented and overzealous." In a brief interview on his way out of Truth Tower, he stated that "Neutral forces can't be held to blame for the actions of so few persons. New Dawn will be launching its own independant investigation in to the matter, and has the cooperation of various Neutral authorities."

Transcripts of the Council of Truth meeting reveal that the motivation behind these attacks was freedom of passage for all Neutrals through the Sentinel-controlled city of Tir. The Sentinels are vigilant in their anti-Neutral policies and attack any Neutral citizen on sight within the city's walls. Sentinel commander Simon Silverstone was unavailable for comment immediately after the attack, though nobody expects him to give in to the demands of the terrorists. A heated debate still rages amonst clanners as to who is at fault for the attack, though no clear conslusions have been drawn.