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IRRK continues front line news

As the alien activity escalates the Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka report that ICC blockade runners clashed with Alien vessels in orbit around the planet as on the ground all factions took action against the invaders.

**Rubi-Ka under siege: News from the front #2**

Philip Ross releases official statement!

Though many people aren't sure just how or why Omni-Prime has allowed it to get through, Philip Ross has issued a statement intended for all of Rubi-Ka to hear. In it, Ross clearly and simply states, "Rest assured, citizens and employees, I will return!" The transmission was followed by sounds of a struggle and static interferance. As of this time, nobody is sure just when or even if Ross is coming back, and if he is, how he has or plans to escape Omni-Reform to do so. Some sources say that Ross has already escaped, while others say that Omni-Reform is attempting put on a facade that Ross has managed to escape when, in fact, thay have brainwashed him and made him a tool of Omni-Prime. Expect immediate coverage of Ross' return if and when it happens.

Alien attacks resume in greater force!

After a few quiet days on all fronts, aliens have resumed their onslaught. Skirmishes have been reported from many places on Rubi-Ka, including Tir, Galway County and Omni-1. These attacks are reportedly massive, with possibly hundreds of invaders storming unsuspecting cities. As of yet, the reason for the relative peace of the days before the massive attacks is unknown, though many sources speculate that the aliens were taking their time to analyize gathered data, build their forces and plan their attack before beginning their siege.

Silverstone to lead Sentinels and Clans against alien attacks!

Simon Silverstone's involvement in the recent attacks on Tir is well documented, however Silverstone has announced his intent to take an initiative in all attacks on Clan territory. A Vanguard spokesperson said that assistance in Old Athen was unnecessary, which was met with no official reply from the Sentinel leader. Some believe that this could lead to a mild conflict within the Clans, as to who defends what. However, past incidents have proven that all present Clans work together in unison to fight off the alien threat, wherever it may be.

ICC Blockade Runner clashes with alien fleet!

An ICC ship attempting to penetrate alien forces lined up around Rubi-Ka with vital troop and supply support was nearly destroyed in its attempt to punch through a weak spot in the line. Several alien frigates attempted to disable and board the ICC ship, the Feint, which later crash-landed near ICC's Rubi-Ka headquarters. The ship suffered 67% casualties, but surprisingly, no cargo loss. Survivors all say that the alien forces were attempting to preserve the cargo holds, presumably to investigate it and find out what it is we require to survive. All crew members have been recognized with ICC commendations for bravery.

Knights effectively halt Alien onslaught in north Avalon!

Although their leader is still in the Shadowlands, Camelot's brave Knights have gathered en masse to fight the alien invaders with vigor and passion in a display that should serve as inspiration to all of Rubi-Ka. Alien activity was reportedly the strongest there after the initial Knight resistance, though no matter how hard the aliens hit, strong Knights continued to push the alien attacks right back where they came from. Reports state that invasion attempts in north Avalon have all but ceased as the aliens have decided to focus their attempts on more vulnerable targets. One Knight commander was heard shouting just before falling in battle, "No invader shall survive on our soil!"

Unicorn Company commandos siege fringe territory beacheads!

Omni-Prime has launched an all out assault on alien fortifications in outlying territories on Rubi-Ka. Rumors are currently circulating as to the nature of the attack, though Omni-Prime will only say that they're attempting to resecure and re-establish colonies in barely-habitable territories of the planet. Unicorn Company's first moves were made last week, securing beach fronts and various inland positions of strategic importance after discovering that the aliens were attempting to secure an on-planet stronghold, presumably to relieve their overworked orbital dropships.

Jobe offers citizens rewards for alien artifacts!

Jobe leadership has issued a statement which says that all alien artifacts can be turned over to any Jobe official effective immediately for a handsome reward. However, Jobe has been very clear as to what denotes an artifact and it seems that the more common alien weapons, bio-organic mass, and other such relatively common alien technologies aren't a part of this list. One Jobe official says, "We're looking for things that may date back to their origins. We can't say where or how one would find such things, as we do not know. But if you do, please notify us immediately."

Neutral authorities crack down on an alien-worshiping cult!

The Newland Militia and ICC, working jointly in Borealis and Newland, have uncovered and harshly struck down a cult known as the "5th Column." An ICC representative cited that the alien-worshippers were planning an ongoing campaign of terror against targets in the two neutral cities, as well as potential for expanding their operations in to other territories. Though most of the cultists resisted violently and were killed in the joint strike, one cult leader being dragged out screaming was heard shouting "They are our saviors! They are the only true path to bliss! Resistance means only eternal damnation!" No statements as to the fate of the surviving cultists have been made.

Finally a message for our brave fighters:

The horses are on the track..I repeat...The horses are on the track.
Mary had a little lamb..I repeat..Mary had a little lamb.
Use the Force, Luke...I repeat...Use the Force, Luke.
The reets are out to roost...I repeat..Tre reets are out to roost.