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IRRK reports from the front

The Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka report on the latest news of the Alien invasion as the invaders assault several of the major cities on Rubi-Ka. The offer of additional troops by the ICC is accepted by Omni and neutral sources although Simon Silverstone of the Sentinels dismissed the offer as "completely unnecessary".

**Rubi-Ka under siege: News from the front**

Communications on, to and from Rubi-Ka restored!

In one deft, sweeping move, Unicorn Company forces acting on orders from Omni Prime last week disabled an alien nanowarfare frigate orbiting behind one of the Rubi-Kan moons, then proceeded to board it and completely disassemble its communications jamming devices. This strike restored full communications to Rubi-Ka, which has been in a veritable communications blackout since the alien attacks began over a month ago. Some sources report that Omni Prime is now using the disabled frigate to decrypt alien communications, though information of that nature has been dubbed "Top Secret" by Omni-Tek leadership.

Alien attacks reported throughout major cities Rubi-Ka!

Sources from all parts of Rubi-Ka are reporting that aliens have managed to break through major city defenses and wreck havok in the streets of these paragons of defense. Reports state that their attacks have been focused around transportation network systems such as Grid exits and Wompah terminals. Speaking only on the condition of anonymity, an Omni-Trans employee told one source that the aliens appear to have hacked in to the transportation networks and used these means of transportation to infiltrate the cities. Most reports state that the attacks were minor incidents, although several people have said that at least one massive battle raged in Omni-1, where a full invasion force led by an alien general emerged from the southern Wompah terminals and attacked everything in sight. Citizens of all major cities on Rubi-Ka are advised to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the nearest guard.

Impending martial law looms over Omni-Tek Cities!

Recent alien attacks have been growing more and more bold. In response to attacks on Rome and Omni-1 by aliens who reportedly managed to break in to the Omni-Trans network and hack wompah and grid systems, Omni-Tek has began to issue sanctions to impose martial law on the two cities. Thus far, all that is known about the proposal is that current Omni-Pol guards will be replaced by elite Omni-Tek Armed Forces soldiers in order to better protect the cities. Some insiders also report that rumors of barring neutral visitors and the possibility of a curfew are also being discussed, however both issues are unconfirmed. An Omni-Admin official is quoted as saying, "It's for our own safety."

Aliens keep striking, Rubi-Kan forces keep striking back!

The alien invasion force seems to be on a full head of steam just over one month after the initial attacks on Rubi-Kan soil. There seems to be no stopping the invasions, but brave fighters from all over Rubi-Ka are continually repelling them on all fronts. Battle commanders from all sides say that the fight is tough, but that protection of the homeland is now a priority over what one Omni-Tek Organization Leader states are "petty territorial squabbles."

Official press release from ICC promises more soldiers!

In a public press release and an official transmission to the leaders of Rubi-Ka's neutral city governments, the Interstellar Confederation of Corporations pledged to send more of their own elite soldiers to help neutral and other Rubi-Kan citizens repel the alien threat. Sentinal leader Simon Silverstone dismissed the offer as "completely unnecessary," while Omni-Tek and Neutral leadership both agree that more fighters for the effort are welcome.

Clan forces unite to repel the alien threat!

Most of the major Clans have united in the northern territories, coming together to defend fledgling Clan cities in unison from the relentless alien attacks. Many outside observers have described the cooperation between even the most fundamentalist Clans as surprising, but Clan leaders are stating in cooperative press releases that now is the time to reunite and re-forge the alliances that made the Clans successful in the first place.

JAME calls upon all scientists and researches to unite!

In a move that goes against their usual Pro-Omni-Tek stances, JAME has sent communications out to well-known scientists and research teams throughout Rubi-Ka, including Clan, Omni-Tek and Neutral officials. In their broadcast transmission, the JAME scientists say that only with complete cooperation amongst the research teams of all sides, can Rubi-Ka truly be called united against the efforts to hinder the alien attacks. JAME is currently researching ways to decrypt alien communications to better predict and prepare for impending attacks.

Outlying settlements ravaged by the alien menace!

upon the restoration of communications, Rubi-Kan communications arrays in the major cities once again started recieving transmissions from outlying settlements on the fringes of habital territory. These transmissions tell of atroceities and sheer slaughter dispensed by the alien invasions on the defensless outlying settlements. Several search and rescue teams dispatched to the sites report that not one survivor was left behind and that any building that isn't completely decimated has been thouroughly searched and stripped of information, which could reveal the locations and defense systems of other settlements. City leaders are advised to be vigilant in their defense.

Finally a message for our brave fighters:

I have a new batch of leet fur gloves..I repeat, I have a new batch of leet fur gloves.
John has a big moustache...I repeat, John has a big Moustache.
The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain...I repeat, The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.