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Ross warns Rubi-Ka of invading alien forces

In a shocking turn of events Philip Ross addresses the planet and tells citizens that not only is there an imminent invasion of Rubi-Ka by Alien forces, but that Omni Tek had advance warning and his recorded announcement was triggered automatically by the alien vessels breaching the orbital defense permiter around Rubi-Ka. Ross himself is revealed to already be off world in discussions with the Board of Directors on Omni Prime.

(OTPC) -- Suddenly a transmission came trough and announced, ·Friends, the time has come, we must gather as one. Make your way to either outside Newland, Old Athen hill or the southern end of Rome Red for an important address."

A group of loyal Omni-Tek employee's, as well as myself, headed toward Rome Red. The crowd grew impatient with waiting and upon seeing my hastily placed press badge started to ask me what was going on. My denial of any knowledge about this was ignored. Their attention was diverted when suddenly a message flashed into our NCU of the well-known CEO of Omni-Tek on Rub-Ka, Philip Ross.

Good evening fellow inhabitants of Rubi-Ka,
I come to you this evening with grave news. A hostile enemy force from a race we have not yet encountered has arrived in near planet orbit. They have NOT come in peace and mean to take our homes away from us through violent means. Omni-Tek has been aware of this pending invasion for some time and we have been taking steps to prepare for the defense of the planet. This message was triggered to auto run if any of these enemy ships breach our outer planetary security defenses, as I could not keep the population ignorant of this danger. It is with a sad heart that I find myself off planet speaking to the Board of Directors on Omni Prime about the continuing defense of this planet we all call home. But my friends, we shall be strong and def--

Ross's transmission was cut and static ensued.

Most of the Omni-Tek employees scoffed at this message. A few believed there was more to the message that never made it to them.