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Philip Ross opens for land auctions on Rubi-Ka

Philip Ross makes a press release regarding the sale of land to members of public for construction purposes to allow colonists to own their own sections and build their own towns and cities.

The press release in its entirety:

Fellow citizens of Rubi-Ka, I look out upon you every day and see that each step we take makes us stronger. It can be attributed only to hard work, dedication and loyalty that we have made it this far. You, the loyal citizens of this enigmatic planet, are at the front of the line in making these steps of discovery and exploration. You have all worked hard to forge this barren planet into a place that we can proudly call our home. It is for this reason that I have decided that now is the time that you, the true heroes of this planet, shall reap the rewards of our unrelenting progress.

We all know that Rubi-Ka holds many wonders upon her surface. Such beauty all around us from the depths of the Omni Forest and the endless dunes of the northern deserts to the waterfalls and the rivers of the central plains her landscapes are some of the most diverse in the universe. What once belonged to no one person is now set to be in your hands, the hands of the people who have worked so hard make it what it is today. Each one of you has fought hard to claim this planet as rightfully ours, and now, you may claim a small piece of land as rightfully and legally your own. Citizens of Rubi-Ka, this is my gift to you. We have all been waiting for this day.

This, my friends, is a formal announcement. As a gesture of my absolute appreciation for everything that you, the inhabitants of Rubi-Ka, have done to make this world what it is today. Let it be known that soon selected plots of only the most pristine Omni-Tek land shall be opened up for auction. You have earned your credits, and now, I present you with something worth spending those credits on. Any one of you with the capacity, either alone or en masse, to purchase these plots of land shall have full ownership of them, with no restrictions. This was always our land; now it can be yours.