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Reporter reveals Unicorn Company

Clan journalists report on encounters with elite Omni Tek forces known as the Unicorn Company. These 'ultimate soldiers' have not been known as being deployed on Rubi-Ka before and rumours soon start as to the possible reasons for their deployment.

Reporter Kemlyan Jakos
July 29, 29478

(FJRK) -- Over the history of Mankind, there were always events that have changed our understanding of the universe. From ancient Homo sapiens first walk on the moon, to the landing of the Atlantean and Rimor on Rubi-Ka. Pursuit of knowledge and information has always been foremost in our unrelenting drive forward.

However, some such events are ominous foreshadows of things to come. Some of them mark a change so great that it threatens our alliances, our ways of thinking and most importantly, the ways we go about our daily lives. So it happened, this humble reporter witnessed one such event right here on Rubi-Ka.

It was a day not unlike any other. I found myself in Hope pursuing witnesses to the crash of the ship just to the northwest for possible insight on where it could be from. Many speculated that Omni-Tek had something to do with it, but a few seemed to think that it was something not of this world.

Just as I had started to pour my own insight in to the situation, two of the infamous Clan Borg Hunters came running full speed into Hope, heading straight for the Whom-Pahs. I followed them through to Stret West Bank where I stopped to speak with them. The frantic calls for assistance from the hunters to the public Clan frequencies brought many interested in hearing what had befallen them.

I've never seen such brave soldiers so scared.

They reported that a group of very elite Omni-Tek troopers was literally tearing the crash site apart. Based on the Hunters' descriptions, it was very dangerous situation. Nonetheless, I spent time convincing the group to taking me to the scene, to see it firsthand.

What I witnessed was one of the most frightening things I've ever seen. There were Omni-Tek soldiers there, not of the common sort. These soldiers were wearing high-tech armor and weapons I've never seen before. It was obvious that they were affiliated with Omni-Tek however, as they had a multitude of Omni-Tek support equipment.

As we soon found out, these soldiers were not to be messed with. Anyone caught in sight of these massive guards was quickly dispatched, but I managed to sneak away in the fray and get close enough to detect a few communications and see something that I will not soon forget.

The soldiers called themselves Unicorn Company, and it seemed that their task was to secure vital cargo from the crash site. The cargo, I can say without a doubt, was not anything produced by normal solitus-like breeds on Rubi-Ka. Nor was it of the Shadowlands. It was something different altogether, but before I could make out exactly what it was, the Unicorn Company soldiers managed to get it into their dropship and make a speedy getaway.

I'm uncertain what this all means, I've never witnessed anything like this before. But it obvious that something not human is among us on Rubi-Ka. Maybe those crazy people speculating about aliens were right.