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Mysterious diplomatic vessel arrives on Rubi-Ka

According to reports from the Morningstar station in orbit Omni Tek used some obscure diplomatic protocols to allow a large transport vessel called the 'Longhorn' to arrive planestide without any of the customary ICC security scans taking place.

(IRRK) ยท According to sources aboard the Morningstar space station, an Omni-Tek transport named the "Longhorn" passed silently through Rubi-Kan space using an obscure diplomatic protocol which prevented the vessel from being scanned by orbital ICC sensors.

This diplomatic protocol is normally reserved for vessels carrying top executives of hypercorporations, the ICC or humanitarian groups, to prevent unauthorized scanning of computer databanks and cargo. However, a search of the interstellar diplomatic transport registry reveals no mention of any vessels, owned by Omni-Tek or otherwise, named the "Longhorn".

Moreover, the ICC has no listing for the Longhorn filing an interstellar travel itinerary with its offices, nor did the vessel make any contact with any other vessels, colonies, or outposts through the course of its journeys. The Longhorn slipped into Rubi-Kan atmosphere relatively unseen; tracking contact from the Morningstar was lost within seconds after the ship passed through Rubi-Ka's ionosphere.

For their part, Omni-Tek Corporation representatives had very little to say about this report. Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka media liaison Burton Shogren declined the IRRK's request for an interview on the subject, as did officials in Omni-Pol.