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Radiman calls for the clans to join the CoT

Henry Radiman makes a speech on the steps of the old Council of Truth building in Tir making a renewed call for the reformation of the council.

A full transcript of his speech is as follows:

"Greetings, my friends.

The time is upon us. A time of rebirth. A time of brotherhood. A time of peace among neighbors and a time of coming together to do that which is great, and ultimately, of doing what is necessary.

In this chamber some time ago, we received a calling to reconvene a Great Council of Truth. That calling was ethereal, surreal and even strange to be certain.

However, the visage of our beloved David Marlin was unmistakable. The spirit of that great man is within all of us. His wisdom of the past and his vision for the future of a place where all men are equal and at peace should inspire and encourage all of us to undertake this great task. It is the task of rebuilding the Council of Truth that I speak about today.

Today I renew his call to come together with renewed purpose. To come together to rebuild the Council of Truth to its former glory for all Clansmen on Rubi-Ka. The longer we delay with this task, the more Omni-Tek can take our land, kill our children and steal our lives.

We must act soon to renew our purpose. We must act soon to rebuild this great body for debate and governance. We must act soon to rise up together to send a message to the corporation:

We shall be heard! We shall rule our own lives! We shall reap our own benefits from our own labors!

We will soon act, my friends. We must be patient in building the Council of Truth. Our path is clear and our purpose is noble. To quote the ancient Old Earth American president, John F. Kennedy, peace and freedom walk together.

Thank you all, and good night."