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Newland City evicts Loren Warr and mercenaries

Newland City finally evicts Loren Warr and the mercenaries, replacing them with the newly formed Newland Militia. The return of true neutrality to Newland rekindles the debate over the Sentinels treatment of neutrals in Tir.

Newland City (FJRK) -- Celebrations were muted and somewhat cautious in this once-bustling desert town, as Newland City opened up its arms to re-embrace a lost neutrality.

At approximately 1700 RST on February 10, Loren Warr and her band of mercenaries were escorted out of Newland City, and the Newland City Militia, fully adorned in Non-partisan armour and sporting the latest in JAME weaponry, moved in to fill the security void left by the termination of the Mercenaries· contract for services with the Newland City Council.

·I do miss Newland City, it was quite a nice place. I especially miss them swims in the lake outside, the ocassional bite or two from all them fishes in the water. Hopefully with this new initiative·true justice will be prevailing in Newland City.· ·Riotsmurf·, a General of clan Leet, stated recently.

Riotsmurf echoes a cautious optimism that seems to be held by virtually every citizen of Rubi-Ka. Businesses in Newland City were seen stocking up on supplies and dusting off old crates of inventory in anticipation of the inevitable financial windfall that the city is expected to reap as a result of it returning to its place as a central travel hub for all factions.

Another member of the clans, Dr. Cindi ·Razishlyat· Bolieu, a Veteran of the clan Forsaken, offered her optimistic words · and an ominous warning: ·Congratulations to the city of Newland·[t]his is truly a terrific announcement, and a great day in the history of Newland. Let us hope that the scars on this program do not come back to haunt Newland [City].· No one truly realized how ominous this warning was, until late into the tranquil evening hours.

It was at that time that Loren Warr, accompanied by Ian Warr with several of her Mercenaries in tow, made their way back into Newland City, and towards her old post at the eastern end of city·s main street. Screaming ·bring out the Council!·, Ms. Warr repeatedly taunted the new guards, and commanded nearby citizens to scour the area in search of any Council member. Though none could be located, a Newland City clerk quickly rushed into Council chambers and sounded the alarm, while Ms. Warr made her demands clear.

·I demand severance pay!· she exclaimed when asked as to the reasoning behind her return to Newland City. It is not known at this time whether there is any legal basis, or any clause in her initial contract for services, that compels the Council to so much as consider such a payment.

As the minutes ticked past, Loren Warr and her aide became increasingly angry and agitated with the lack of acknowledgement by the Newland City Council to their threats. The tension in the air was pervasive, triggered by comments from Ian that he and Ms. Warr should ·beat on one of these guards.·

By this time, the Newland City Council realized that Loren and her brother might be too much for them to handle on their own. Council security contacted the ICC's security detachment in Andromeda, and soon after a distress message was being broadcast over all open air comm channels across the planet, calling for any and all available citizens from all factions to assist in the defence of Newland City. Members of all factions responded the call to arms, and poured in through the grid and Whompa exits ready to confront Loren Warr and her mercenaries.

By the time a sufficient force had gathered, Ms. Warr and the Mercenaries had targetted and attacked the closest member of the Newland City Militia, while horrified onlookers stood back, watching the entire event. Despite Ms. Warr·s assertion that ·these guards are weak·pathetic·, they stood their ground courageously, displaying an uncanny level of tactical co-ordination that soon resulted in more than five of them all working in unison to repel the attack. As an ever-increasing number of citizens moved in to join the battle, Ms. Warr's army quickly found themselves out-numbered and out-gunned.

Loren Warr issued the call to retreat, but the call came too late. Soon after, both Warrs lay dead on the ground, surrounded by the corpses of her body guards. Some of the remaining Mercenaries who had somehow survived the initial assault attempted to capitalize on the chaos and flee, but a few sharp-eyed citizens noticed their retreat and proceeded to root, and then slaughter, the survivors.

Was this stunning humiliation in Newland the last we·ll see of Loren Warr? No one at this time will speculate. However, what is for certain, is that Ms. Warr seems loathe to relinquish her reign of terror over the peaceful, neutral city, and stands poised to continue to blackmail the Newland City Council through her patternistic disposition to the use of violence.

No one from the Newland City Council was available for comment at press time.