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Newland City Council member found dead

The body of former Newland City Council secretary Amahnda Dwemse is found in an apartment in Newland. Dwemse had spoken out previously about the mercenary presence in Newland and her death deemed highly suspicious by the ICC authorities.

IRRK News Wire Staff

NEWLAND CITY (IRRK) -- The body of an outspoken former Newland City Council Secretary has been found, and attached to the grizzly spectacle a very dark message for the city inhabitants.

"This is a Council of Fear," was a common phrase for some weeks after Amahnda Dwemse's highly publicized outburst against the Newland City Council. Protesting the Council's inability to make a decision on the Newland Guard issue, the secretary went to media representatives to tell things, 'Like they are'.

She was quickly dismissed from her position with the Council for breaking confidential trust. After her dismissal she became even more active in her personal campaign to stir the Council to action. Many citizens joined in and supported her cause, though the effects this movement actually had on the Council are debatable.

She made news a second time a short time later in a more ominous fashion. Ms. Dwemse's disappearance was unexpected, and took the Neutral City by surprise. The ICC was called in to investigate but could find no proper leads to follow. Over the weeks there have been many reported sightings and false reports, but no credible leads, until late last night.

At about 2200 RKST citizens of Newland Apartments in City Back Yard #2 reported screams and the sound of gunshots from her apartment. The ICC rushed to the scene to find a very disturbing spectacle. Evidently Ms. Dwemse had been abducted and kept as a hostage since her disappearance, she was returned to her home where she sustained multiple close range plasma weapons burns, and due to the presence of a blue ash covering most of her torso, appears to have been killed by a Soul-Scattering perma-death ranged weapon.

Next to her was a small data pad with a warning to Newland Residents. "I can protect you from the Clans, I could've protected her. But if I'm not wanted, why should I bother. Can you protect yourselves from me?"

There is heated debate at this hour over the source of the message. Many claim that local Mercenary Commander Warr is responsible and is using the death of Ms. Dwemse, a very outspoken opponent to attempt to regain influence over the City Council. Others believe that Omni-Tek Shadow Operatives had a hand in the situation. While still more people believe this to be a ploy by the Dust Brigade to attempt to sway popular opinion against Omni-Tek.

The ICC is investigating the scene and medical staff are examining the body for any possible clues. This comes at a bad time for the already strained City of Newland. Tensions are high as the Council prepares to change Defenders for the City. What effect this will have on that process remains to be seen.