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Newland City intends to create militia defence forces

Newland City Council make an official statement declaring their intent to form a truly neutral defence force for the city with backing of JAME equipment. This is seen publicly as a great success for the Newland Guard Initiative and would call into question the validity of the mercenary presence in the city.

Newland City, IRRK

Late this afternoon, Newland City Council publicly declares acceptance of JAME equipment contract, and begins recruiting efforts for the Cities new Defense Force.

Below is the statement by Councilman Tharno in it's entirety.

"Good afternoon,

It is with great pleasure that I stand before you today. After many months of discussion, investigation, and careful deliberation, the Council of the Independent City of Newland, at this time declares our intent to create a City Militia. A Militia OF and FOR the citizens of our City.

We will take the protection of our homes, loved ones, assets, and most importantly, our lives... into our OWN hands. We formally accept the services offered by JAME to this effort. With equipment and training provided by the advanced, and rugged frontiersmen of JAME, and staffed by our own determined citizens, our Newland City Militia will maintain peace and order for generations to come.

Thank you for your time. Good day."

This is truly the moment that many neutral citizens have been waiting for, the public declaration by the City Council to remove the mercenaries, and instate a new defense force.
The Militia of Newland is presently accepting applications. Contact the City Office of Administration for an application and instructions.