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Phillip Ross donates funds to the Newland Guard Initiative

In an unexpected move Philip Ross donates funds to the Newland Guard Initiative. Ross stated that he had personal reasons for supporting the initiative and that this did not mean any change in stance on neutrality by Omni Tek itself.

IRRK News Wire Staff
Februrary 04 29478, 25.12 RST

Newland City (IRRK) - The Newland City Council met again in Newland to discuss funding and procedures for the Newland Guard Initiative (NGI). On hand were representatives from J.A.M.E. and the Newland Council.

In a chilling turn of events it was discovered that the Newland Council bank account had been hacked and a total of 100 million credits has gone missing.

Many citizens offered what they could to make up for the missing money and steep charges of J.A.M.E., but one citizen in particular was able to pick up the bill alone. Phillip Ross showed up to the meeting in time to learn of the progress of the situation. He also agreed to pick up the outstanding missing funds.

Mr. Ross mentioned that his reasons for picking up the tab were, "his own," and that the money provided is from his personal account and not tied to Omni-Tek. Mr. Ross did mention a strong desire to see the true neutrality of Newland show.

How much one accepts his statements will vary. But it's clear that the Newland Guard Initiative is at least firmly underway.

But again, questions remain, what's to come next? How will Loren Warr react?