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Portal to Shadowlands opens for public

JAME addresses partisan concerns that access to the newly discovered Shadowlands may fall foul of political manoeuvres. Philip Ross makes an official press release calling on Omni Tek employees to colonize the Shadowlands and in a more startling development Henry Radiman reappeared and called for the re-creation of the Council of Truth to ensure that clan members would not be neglected in the exploration of the Shadowlands and made a full statement to the clans.

Official JAME Release

Lady Skellibjalla has released this announcement on behalf of of JAME (Jobe Association of Metaphysical Exploration):

A final agreement has been reached and as promised by the creators of Jobe, the Shadowlands will be open to all!

However, Omni-Tek employees and clan members will need to provide certain services to pass, while the neutrals · untainted by the conflict as we are - will be required to pay only a small fee for entry. Full control of the portal will remain in the hands of JAME for the visible future.

Our aim is that eventually, all citizens of the planet Rubi-Ka will enjoy unfettered access to the knowledge of the Shadowlands.

The scientific knowledge gained from investigating Shadowlands technology will be available to all in Jobe. To protect the integrity and quality, exclusive rights have been given to the Independent Professionals Society and a handful of Jobean merchant associations to handle this business, and we bid everyone welcome, regardless of side chosen in the conflict on Rubi-Ka.

The scientists have received assurance that they will continue to be unaffected by the conflict to do their work. They also want to use this opportunity to warn people not to try and destabilize, let alone meddle in the business of the research scientists or the portal technicians. Any intrusions will be swiftly dealt with by Jobe security installations, which are already in place.

To travel to the Shadowlands as swiftly as possible, travelers are advised to talk directly to the Portal Technicians as soon as possible.


Official Message from Philip Ross

Today, as the Shadowlands portal is opened, Omni-Tek CEO Philip Ross released this official statement on behalf of the corporation:

Employees of Omni-Tek,

The path to a new tomorrow has been revealed by scientists and scholars bred and reared in our great corporation, forever loyal to Omni-Tek. It is engineered by our spirit, illuminated by our ingenuity and paved by our courage and determination to become all that we can become. It is the path into the Shadowlands.

By the wayside of our history lies the evidence of countless pioneers braving the unknown to bring us further ahead, towards perfection. The sacrifices of people like the Omni-Tek employees Boulez and Liu who gave their lives 775 years ago so their kind might prosper, have lead us into this new age of knowledge and experiences. They were of flesh and blood as you are. As they landed and gazed upon the blasted landscape they were exhilarated. They were determined. And as their craft broke down, they undoubtedly became scared of what awaited them, terrified of the lonely death they would suffer on this merciless planet..

But they continued for the good of mankind. They got the message back what awaited us here. They did not let us down - they did not let you down! They realized that it is Loyalty to our cause that makes us omnipotent, all else is incidental.

And now it is your turn not to let them down. Be loyal and be determined!

Citizens of Rubi-Ka, my decree is clear: Colonize the Shadowlands.


Statement Released from Henry Radiman

After more than a year of self-imposed exile, Mr. Henry Radiman the former leader of the Council of Truth, has resurfaced. His influence is felt unexpectedly strongly in the clan community and he released this statement to them today, now as the Shadowlands Portal is being opened:

People of Rubi-Ka,

This is a solemn moment, and I will speak to you from my heart.

I am a religious man. I believe in a God - A power, greater than our imaginations can fathom. The world is benign and at the same time indifferent, chaotic and at the same time filled with purpose. With Meaning!

All that we have gone through as a race, often obscures this fact, that we are constantly striving for something that we do not know what is. How can we do that without there being a purpose out there somewhere, guiding us at the same time that it drives us on. The meaning is our vehicle, its fuel and our destination. We are but passengers, but that is no small matter. The journey itself is for us, and because of us!

We are God·s celestial experiment, and this is the hour when we will finally meet our maker. How mankind has yearned for this moment, now becoming reality. For within the Shadowlands, the Source of all life rests and awaits us.

I believe it is our destiny to become one with the Shadowlands. I believe that Rubi-Ka is our Hill, that the Shadowlands are our cross and that the time has come for us to redeem mankind forever!

This is what I believe.

Share this vision with me, and let us seek the truth together within the Shadowlands!