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Mercs paid to increase security in Newland

An unnamed neutral organisation pays a band of mercenaries a total of 100 million credits to increase security in Newland City. Clan-members are from this moment shot on sight in the neutral city as an answer to the Sentinels· treatment of the neutral population in Tir.

11.45, January 21.29477 RST

"In response to Clan Sentinel aggression in Tir, mercenaries have been hired to rid Newland City of Clanners." · Adam Smith, Newland City press representative.

It has been revealed that this deal is funded by a neutral organization. "To protect their interests we will at least not immediately, reveal the identity of who brokered the deal. The community is however highly pleased with this support it has received from our gracious donors."

According to reliable OmniGlobe sources, the deal cost the neutrals at least 100 million credits.

Loren Warr is the leader and spokesperson of the mercenaries (and also the twin of the well known mercenary, Ian Warr). When asked how this came about, Loren answered: ·Being neutral, symbolizes the essence of the human spirit and of freedom of choice, so we are in this by conviction as much as contract.·

Asked whether the mercenaries· affiliations with the Omni-Tek Corporation in the past didn·t conflict with this view of the neutrals, Loren answered: ·No, not at all. As I see it, the Corporation is the protector of freedom and independence. Its tolerance towards other factions is admirable, especially when it is taken into account what it really could do were it so inclined. Like a friend of mine put it: Mercenaries protecting Newland City may cost a few million credits. But anyone kicking a Clanner butt is priceless!·

In response to the announcement from Newland City, Omni-Tek called a press conference where Philip Ross took questions on the issue.

·Indeed Omni-Tek supports this initiative to try and stabilize the appalling situation in the neutral areas. Despite claims, the corporation has no hand in this matter. But we have good relations with Newland City officials and are confident that this arrangement will improve the lives of the Newland population.·

Asked by the Voice of Freedom representative about what situation exactly Mr. Ross was referring to, he responded: ·For months, Clanners have been relentlessly attacking neutral notum mining bases; Omni-Tek does not condone that. That must be crystal clear.·

·As if that was not reason enough, this aggression undermines the economy of the entire Rubi-Ka population. When business suffers, citizens suffer. Commerce is the life blood of any society.·

·And last but not least, we support the right of the neutrals to defend themselves against Commander Fisk and his team of Sentinel terrorists. They have overrun Tir and boisterously sworn to exterminate neutrals. It is barbaric.·

·I stress that we are not involved in this arrangement but we do give it our full moral support. We have been involved in the training of Mrs. Loren Warr in the past and are confident in her abilities to deal with the situation.·

·Isn·t it ·Mister· Warr, Mr. Ross?· Gridstream Productions asked (referring to the fact that the Warr twins are atroxes) as the conference drew to a close. ·I am afraid I am not the person to solve that mystery for you Mr. Tarryk.· Mr. Ross answered with an almost invisible smile, ·But I am sure Loren will be happy to respond to that if you brave asking her· or him.·