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Notum mining monopoly ends

The ICC declares an end to Omni-Tek's absolute monopoly of notum mining, opening up for all organisations to drill the precious element. The new rules stipulate, however, that Omni-Tek retains its monopoly on off-world distribution of notum.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
10:00 November 29, 29476 RST

ANDROMEDA (RKHS) ยท In a press conference yesterday, ICC Secretary General Isidra Derousse announced some of the restrictions of notum mining on Rubi-Ka will be lifted. The new system will be set in effect immediately and will allow private organisations to mine notum in designated areas defined by the ICC.

In the press conference, Derousse stated that the reasons for the changes in policy and lease conditions came as a consequence of Omni-Tek's invalidation of the Tir Accord and as "punishment" for increased political instability.

The new regulations will effectively end Omni-Tek's absolute monopoly on the valuable resource. However, Omni-Tek will still control the refining and shipping of the notum.

"This is a ludicrous effort by the ICC," Omni-Tek Press Liaison Burton Shogren commented. "Omni-Tek has adhered to every single point stipulated in the lease of Rubi-Ka, but it's difficult when the ICC continues to reinvent the rules. Our lawyers are wording the appeal as we speak."

Derousse however, remained adamant it was the correct decision to make, but wouldn't reveal what impact this might have on Omni-Tek's bid to renew their lease of the planet.

"The lease was signed on completely different terms and premises, many of which are invalid today, and our decision will not be revoked. As to Omni-Tek's application for an extended lease of Rubi-Ka: no comment."