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The Sentinels take back Tir

After the abolition of the Tir Accord, the city of Tir experienced a rush of Omni-Tek employees walking freely around the city. The militaristic, proactive clan Sentinels - often branded terrorists - led by Simon Silverstone, ousted the ICC Peacekeepers and took control of the city. Both Omni-Tek employees and neutral citizens were killed on sight by the new guards.

17:13 November 22, 29476 RST

TIR (UCC) · The Sentinels, led by Simon Silverstone, launched an attack on Tir this afternoon and has taken control of the city.

Yesterday, Silverstone was spotted in Tir talking to several clan leaders and local residents, and witnesses say he was preparing and rallying for the attack.

·Tir has been invaded, violated by the black tide of the Corporate machine and been reduced to just another cog in the wheel,· he was quoted as saying by our reporter in Tir before he continued. ·Tomorrow, Tir will again be standing proud for its citizens, lighted up by the indestructible commitment of people with nothing left to lose, and the Omni-Tek rubbish will be thrown into the bin where they belong.·

Now it·s a fact. Tir has been ·liberated· from the ICC Peacekeepers and the visiting Omni-Tek employees by soldiers from the Sentinels.

It is still unclear what Silverstone·s intentions are, whether he plans to install himself as ·governor· or whether his sole intention was to bring it back under a unified clan control.