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Tir Accord annulled

The glue that held the fragile peace together, the Tir Accord, is annulled by Omni-Tek. After the Council has stepped down from its duties as 'government' of the united clans, Omni-Tek claims the agreement is no longer valid. ICC Secretary General, Isidra Derousse, immediately voices her concerns, and plans to lodge a formal investigation into the decision made by Omni-Tek.

17:23 October 18, 29476 RST

ANDROMEDA (UCC) ยท After this week's revelation from Philip Ross the Omni-Tek Corporation will no longer adhere to the Tir Accord, the neutral ICC observers have voiced considerable concerns about the statements made by the local Omni-Tek leader. The ICC Secretary General said in a Grid-link press conference this morning that the ICC will consider a formal investigation into the resolutions drawn up on Omni Prime.

Philip Ross declared in an informational session with several department leaders and executives a few days ago that Omni-Tek will no longer abide by the Tir Accord as a consequence to the disappearance of the Council of Truth.

While immediate reactions to Ross's announcement were scarce, opposition and concern is starting to mount in the political environment.

"This was a very unfortunate turn of events," Isidra Derousse, the ICC Secretary General said in a Grid-link press conference this morning. "The agreement (the Tir Accord) was the major contributor of stability on the planet, and the peace was dependent on it. We will have to look into this more closely, to examine whether or not this was a correct approach by Omni-Tek."

A formal investigation into the resolutions drawn up by Omni-Tek, and the treatment of the accord is being considered within the next few days.

"As I have understood, the Council of Truth only disappeared, it never ceased to exist, and that brings Omni-Tek's decision into question." Derousse continued. "This is definitely grounds for investigation, and we will start the process immediately."