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Wanted CoT employees permanently killed

Both wanted Council of Truth employees are found, but are permanently killed by the Dust Brigade as they are being escorted back towards Omni-1 for questioning.

The Omni Herald
17:16 October 10, 29476 RST

OMNI-1 (TOH) · During the last week·s intense man-hunt, Omni-Pol managed to track down the two wanted Council of Truth officials Max Spiva and Carlene Solari. The successful investigation came at a high cost however, as violence erupted causing casualties within the investigation team, as well as the permanent death of both runaways at the hands of the Dust Brigade.

After Omni-Pol last week for the first time revealed the names of the fugitives in a bid to have the local community help in the search, the man-hunt - the largest in Rubi-Kan history - came to a close with elaborate civilian assistance.

The team of investigators were working around the clock over the weekend, and were finally rewarded late Monday evening as Carlene Solari was located in Wailing Wastes. Max Spiva was found and apprehended in Newland Desert last night by a group of neutral rangers.

Both met with the same destiny as they were being escorted back towards Omni-1 for questioning. The escorts were brutally attacked by Dust Brigade terrorists and both prisoners were permanently terminated. Several investigators and volunteers were also mortally wounded in the assaults.

"It was obviously a huge blow for us," Omni-Tek Media Liaison Burton Shogren told the Herald this morning. "We naturally wanted to question the two about their involvement in, and support of, acts of terrorism. Their deaths have set the investigation back a long way."

The failure to secure the two prisoners has highlighted the problem posed by the Dust Brigade, and the need for an increasingly hard line towards the terrorists.

Omni-Pol still have the battered NCUs of the two former Council of Truth officials and are hoping they will be a source of useful information.

"We are certain there are clues within their NCUs, and our technicians are hard at work examining them." Shogren commented. "As I said, this has set us back, but not permanently. On the bright side, the incident has allowed us a better insight into the Brigade's operational methods that will prove very useful in future investigations and actions."