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ICC Peacekeepers make planetfall

ICC Peacekeepers make planetfall after weeks of deliberation pending the ICC·s processing of Omni-Tek·s formal complaint.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
13:30 September 18, 29476 RST

BOREALIS (ARKP) · After numerous delays, the ICC Peacekeepers have made planetfall and are being rapidly deployed to their permanent stations. Initial deployment is expected to be complete within a few hours.

The Peacekeepers will primarily be deployed in neutral territories, to guarantee the protection of civilians in what the ICC has labelled a "progressively destabilising situation".

The Peacekeepers' broad mandate also includes ensuring the continued mining and processing of notum, and delivery of processed notum to off-world shipping facilities for further distribution.

While no Peacekeepers are to get involved in direct confrontations between clan-members and Corporation employees, there is some debate regarding the scope of the ICC's involvement, which may include the containment of large-scale armed conflicts if and when civilian lives may be under threat, or notum mines, processing facilities, or shipments may be at risk.

Commenting on the ongoing deployment of Peacekeepers, ICC Secretary General Isidra Derousse said that the Confederation is "pleased that the precarious political situation on Rubi-Kan can finally be monitored and controlled, and we're confident the Peacekeepers will fulfil their directives without undue interference to local affairs."

Updated: Breaking news

Following substantiated rumours that the Council of Truth may have fallen, and the revelation that Tir may no longer have an active guard force, it's now increasingly likely that ICC Peacekeepers will be immediately deployed to Tir County to prevent any outbreak of violence.

The Council's disbandment may trigger the annulment of the Tir Accord, giving Omni-Tek the authority to re-enter clan territories without prior consent or motive. The ICC will in all likelihood attempt to contain the situation while a short-term solution can be found, and negotiations for a long-term settlement can begin.

No ICC representatives will comment at this point, and no Council officials could be reached.